You in the World

People are social beings and exist in many social contexts.  As a psychologist, I pay special attention to your relationships and cultures when considering you as a whole person who may live in several very different social worlds.  I’m comfortable working with families of choice, as well as families of origin, including open relationships, triads, and extended families.

You: All of You, Not Just Part of You

I specialize in addressing simultaneously issues of feelings, thoughts, behaviors, relationships, identity, sexuality, creativity, substance use, physical functioning, and social justice.  I invite you to bring your whole life into the therapeutic process.


Welcome to my practice!

David Indest, PsyD, Psychologist

Psychotherapy & Consultation

Creative Care for a Complex World


Orientation & Philosophy

I’m experienced in a range of psychological interventions including behavioral medicine, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and family/systems therapies.  I approach each client as a unique person who brings his or her particular experiences, strengths, and vulnerabilities.  Depending on your individual symptoms, skills, and needs, I’ll develop a tailored treatment plan for you.

Human Beings: Thinking, Feeling, Doing

Each of us has a range of experiences including thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  As a psychologist, I work with all of those.  As part of your therapy, I may have you keep logs of these, or try new ways of doing them.  Therapy always involves “homework”: you may spend only minutes a week in therapy, but you have 168 hours to live in every week! 

Human Sexuality

I’m very comfortable addressing human sexuality professionally and therapeutically.  I’ve worked with clients of all genders and sexualities and am knowledgeable and experienced in the concerns of transgender and intersex people.

I’m a psychologist offering services for mood, anxiety, relational, substance-abuse, and mind-body disorders.  My specialty in behavioral medicine (health/medical psychology) comes from 20 years of helping people with physical disorders.  I have a wealth of experience working with people from all walks of life, including the LGBT community.